Campus Card

The AISD Campus Card ID is provided to every AISD student upon admission to the school. The first card is provided free of charge and subsequent replacement cards can be purchased from the IT/Media Center for Bangladesh Taka 500/-.

The Campus Card ID enables you to purchase food and other items at the Cafeteria, North End Coffee Roasters, Sub Factory and the PTA Store without the transfer of cash.

How to login to the web portal

Grades 6-12 Students, Faculty and Staff
Use the 5 digit ID# from your respective ID cards as the Username. The default password is same as the ID#.
For example: If your ID# (as printed on your Card) is 12345, your Username and default password is 12345 as well.

All Parents PreK - Grade 12
Use the first 4 digits of the ID# as printed on your ID cards.
For example: If your ID# (as printed on your Card) is 12345, your default Username ID and password is 1234.

Upon the FIRST successful login, you can change your Password. We recommend that you change your password to avoid any abuse to your account. Please choose a password that is easy to remember. Changing the password is done from the "Profile Management" tab on the menu bar.

Please remember that ALL AISD Campus ID card holders are required to use the Campus Card for payment at the North End Coffee Shop, the AISD Cafeteria and the PTA Store. All MS and HS students are required to pay with their card.

Please click on the following link for additional information:

Campus Card Contacts

Frequently Asked Questions